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With California suffering the effects of the recession more significantly than other states, many Golden State residents are trying to find ways to reduce living expenses as much as possible. One way they are finding to be especially helpful is the use of Kratom supplements to relieve a variety of medical conditions instead of paying for expensive over the counter or prescription medications that often produce uncomfortable side effects.

Kratom supplements are made from the leaves of a tree called the Mitragyna Speciosa, which grows naturally in southeast Asia and Thailand and is revered by indigenous peoples as a medicinal herb capable of curing numerous ailments. Phytocompounds that are extracted from Kratom leaves represent specific alkaloids that are known for providing users with energy, a sense of well-being and motivation. When taken in slightly higher amounts, Kratom infuses the mind and body with a pleasantly relaxing sensation that some say also puts them in a euphoric, extremely positive mood.

Californians plagued by migraines, fibromyaligia and other types of neuropathic disorders are also finding that Kratom's analgesic properties can alleviate chronic pain caused by these conditions. Research into Kratom's chemical structure has discovered that the leaves contain over 20 alkaloids, two of which are specifically intended to work on opioid receptors to diminish the sensation of pain. By relying on these alkaloid, pain-relieving compounds instead of expensive prescription medications, California residents are not only saving money but also contributing to their overall health due to Kratom's additional benefits.

Kratom has also shown to effectively treat symptoms of mild to moderate depression because of its ability to regulate levels of brain neurotransmitters responsible for mood, sleep and appetite. Although Californians lucky enough to have health insurance do not have to pay the full price for an antidepressant prescription, the amount that the insurance does not cover can sometimes be $100 or more. Consequently, more and more California residents are using Kratom supplements to alleviate anxiety and depression and finding that it works just as well--if not better--than traditional antidepressants.

The versatility of Kratom is another one of its attractive features. User can either take low doses to experience an increase in physical energy and cognitive alertness or higher doses to feel relaxed and sociable. In addition, Kratom may be used to replace prescription sleep medications that are even more expensive than antidepressants. Kratom's sedating ability lies in the capacity for its alkaloids to activate opioid receptors in the brain and promote sleep in people who are suffering from insomnia. Consequently, Californians stressed by the economic downturn in their state are no longer enduring sleepless nights or the debilitating physical and emotional affects of chronic stress due to taking Kratom supplements.

Kratom Myths and Misconceptions

Although synthetic drug abuse has come under media and government scrutiny due to the horrific effects of the substances, addictive drugs are not the only products that are gaining attention. Herbal and natural products, like Kratom, are also being examined due to the substance abuse scare. Undue health concerns have arisen due to the misunderstandings and misconceptions associated with Kratom.

Kratom Basics

Understanding the basics of a product is essential to eliminating misconceptions about the material and determining how it differs from dangerous synthetic substances. Many of the misunderstandings about Kratom are untrue assumptions. By understanding the truth about the product, it is easier to recognize the health benefits associated with the materials.

Kratom is a type of herb that grows naturally in parts of Asia. Its scientific name is mitragyna speciosa. In ancient medicine, the leaves of the herb were commonly used to reduce pain and naturally increase energy. Since ancient times, the herb has not shown negative side effects or carcinogenic effects. Unlike prescription drugs that are used to fight pain, Kratom does not have harsh side effects and it is not addictive.

Complications Associated with Synthetic Drugs

A common misunderstanding associated with Kratom is that it is a synthetic drug. The misunderstanding developed as a result of the stores that sold the herbal product. Since the stores often sold synthetic drugs, like bath salts or synthetic marijuana, media outlets assumed that Kratom was another type of synthetic substance that had severe effects on human health.

The reality is that the herb was misrepresented. It is not an unnatural or man-made product. It is a naturally occurring herb that is used for medical purposes. In fact, Kratom is often used to help fight against addiction to opiate medications under the direction of a doctor because it helps reduce the pain and discomfort of opiate withdrawal symptoms.

Substance Abuse Concerns

Since the herb was commonly sold by vendors who also sold bath salts and other highly addictive synthetic substances, a concern that is brought up by the media, officials and parents is that substance abuse and addiction may develop.

Kratom is not a drug. As such, it does not cause feelings of euphoria or lethargy that is associated with synthetic drugs. The herb is actually used to help naturally boost overall energy levels and combat depression as well as reduce the discomfort of physical pain.

Misunderstandings About Addictive Qualities

Although the plant is not a drug, officials have raised concerns about possible addictive qualities. Kratom does naturally contain alkaloids. While alkaloids are found in the herb, the addictive qualities are not the same as opium or other alkaloid containing substances. The amount of alkaloids and the impact on the body has the same addictive potential as a cup of coffee.

It is possible that individuals who make Kratom tea or use it in a similar way on a regular basis may develop a habit of drinking the tea or using the herb. It does not cause the symptoms that are traditionally associated with addictions to drugs.

There are no reports of increased criminal behavior or erratic behavior resulting from Kratom usage. Unlike traditional addictions, which show compulsive substance abuse and increased criminal activity associated with the drug, individuals who drink Kratom tea can set aside the habit as easily as giving up that morning cup of coffee.

Worries About the Dangers of the Herb

Since many individuals assume that Kratom is addictive and dangerous, it is a common assumption that the herb is also very dangerous. The reality is that there are no reports of Kratom overdose to Poison Control and the herb has fewer negative side effects than traditional pain relievers.

Even over-the-counter pain relievers have potentially negative side effects, such as bleeding risks or the risk of liver damage. Kratom does not have the same potentially dangerous or harsh side effects as over-the-counter medications or prescription drugs.

The most common negative side effect associated with the herb is a mildly upset stomach. In many cases, individuals will not even feel slightly uncomfortable while using the herb as a tea. The benefits of the herb are far more beneficial than the possible downsides.

Benefits of Using Kratom for Addiction Treatment

Fighting against an addiction, particularly opiate addictions, is difficult. The most dangerous part of fighting against drug abuse is the detoxification process. During detoxification, individuals are subject to withdrawal symptoms. In the case of opiate drugs, the withdrawal symptoms that may occur are potentially life threatening.

Although media hype has raised doubts about the safety of Kratom, Dr. Oz suggests the herb to help fight against opiate withdrawal symptoms because it has an impact on the opioid receptors in the brain. Even though it impacts opioid receptors, it does not cause the high associated with drugs like heroin or prescription opiates. Instead, it helps calm many of the withdrawal symptoms and reduces the risk of severe problems like stroke, heart attack or seizures.

While Kratom can help when it is used to combat withdrawal symptoms, it is important to seek medical advice and supervision when fighting an addiction. The best way to combat the symptoms is with the guidance of a medical professional and the specific recommendations of a doctor based on the situation and the level of addiction.

Despite the misunderstandings of the media, Kratom is not a dangerous substance. It is an herb that has medical properties that can help fight against addiction withdrawal symptoms, physical pain and general lack of energy.

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